Hickory Smoked Brisket

Single Slice- $3.00                   Double Slice- $5.00                 Sandwich- $5.00

Applewood Smoked Pork

Sandwich- $5.00

Lightly rubbed brisket smoked for 14 hours. You have the option to get it sliced with a side of our sweet BBQ sauce or chopped and tossed with our BBQ sauce on a flat top grill served as a sandwich. 



Lightly rubbed pork smoked for 8 hours. Freshly pulled every morning and tossed on our grill mixed with our Sweet BBQ sauce and served as a sandwich

Jalapeno Smoked Sausage

Sausage- $5.00

Hot Dog


Our Jalapeno Smoked Sausage is grilled to perfection and served with your sauteed peppers and onions.  


A thick a savory ball park style hot dog 

American Burger


Our well-done burger is grilled and topped with american cheese 

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