Showing up to work and tasting the best Brisket on this side of heaven is one of the better perks of the job, but cooking some of the best barbecue in the country is no easy task. Working 14-18 hour days to ensure the meat is cooking at its optimal temperature is just the beginning. Everything from rubbing and deboning meat to making barbecue sauce and coming up with new recipes make working at the Land Yacht BBQ a Chefs dream. 

With every part of cooking and prepping done inside the 1963 Airstream the Land Yacht BBQ is a one of a kind food truck and experience. Serving new customers and having them return with their friends to show off how good our food is makes it all worth while. We feel honored to be given the opportunity to help rejuvenate the west side of Columbus and hope you can join us at the Haydocy and Broad Gourmet Food Park for some great food.